Drug Addiction

Has drug use effected your relationships, health, career, freedom or financial stability? Do you become physically ill when you don’t have your drugs? Has your drug use brought you to places you never thought you’d go, engaging in behaviors you never thought you were capable of with people you normally would never associate with? Drug addiction is a disease of more. The addict wants what he wants when he wants it and when is usually right now! The addict will continue to use despite incomprehensible demoralization and overwhelming consequences both to himself and those around him.

Drug use may start for some as a seemingly harmless experimentation or recreational act. Others report being hooked from the first pill, toke, snort or injection. Still, others were prescribed medications by doctors for physical pain or sedatives for anxiety or sleep. How the addiction started does not matter. What matters is that the addict is now caught in the throes of an unsustainable and destructive addiction. Although, drugs may have originally served a purpose and provided some form of short-term relief, they have now become the problem. The addict believes that to be without their drugs is a fate similar to death and as such, will go to any lengths to stay high, even forsaking all that they hold dear. Drugs have become the most important thing in their life.

As with all addictions, recovery from drug addiction can seem overwhelming. It may seem impossible and probably is, if you try to do it on your own. You cannot use the same thinking that got you in to this problem to get you out of it. Recovery has nothing to do with willpower, self-knowledge, morals or a better philosophy. Recovery requires honesty, acceptance, accountability, boundaries and support. Research indicates that working with a well-trained therapist in conjunction with 12-step support greatly increases your chances of getting and staying clean.

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